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SGI Phoenix (Specialty Graphics) is pleased to present our line of promotional products! From pens to flashlights, to bags, we are sure Specialty Graphics has something that can help you promote your business with pride! We use quality products from the start! This will ensure that you have a quality writing instrument or promotional piece that is sure to win over some clientele!

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The CTLR: Promotional Cutlery Set

The EWBD: Promotional Headphones

The LFLR: Promotional Pen

The 3TPN: 3-in-1 Tool Pen

The 2NSP: Stylus Pen

The TFLR: 3 Ink Pen

The AMSL: Aluminum-Flashlight Pen

The FLBR & FLWM: Metallic Promotional Pens

The CLIP: Magnetic Clip & Pen-Holder

The PZLR: Maze/Puzzle Pen

The NFLY: Foldable Frisbee Flyer

The ACUP: Translucent, Sealable Cup

The SP20: Promotional Water Bottle

The SLCB: Letter Opener / Screen Cleaner